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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Main principles of winning in Omaha poker. Part 2

Danger from Dangler
Many people play these hands, which are called "three cards with dangler. Let's say you have K-Q-J-2. Obviously, the deuce doesn't link with other cards - this is dangler. But you can see how many people play with hands of this type, even a lot of good players in big games. They know that they have three high cards, which can have a straight, nut full house or top set, so they do not take into account how it is valuable to have a fourth linked card. As for me, I can not do that. I will not play a hand with dangler like K-Q-J-2, even if the king and deuce are suited, because in such situation you'll never make nuts flush. 
You should have four cards that link with each other, one way or another.  Situations in which you can view the game with three-card combination, usually consist of small banks, in late position (if you're on the button or in front of him), and when your three cards are certainly strong.
I can't put my money on such combinations (as K-Q-J-2), while in the free position. Another thing, if you are on the big or small blind. 
But let's face it - we are talking here about Omaha! Many people played a lot of combinations, and they do not always have four linked cards  ... They also play with three-card combinations. Yes, and in most cases they lose game.
Strong hands in Omaha Hi
A computer program of comparing combinations in Omaha, which calculates the percentage of winning a particular hand against the other hand, shows that double-suited A-A-K-K is best possible starting hand in Omaha High. Many people do not agree with computer. 
They think that the best possible starting hand in Omaha Hi is double-suited A-A-J-T. It is obvious that with such a hand you can make more straights than with A-A-K-K. Of course, you will not have the three kings with A-A-J-T, but the only thing that gives you the presence of K-K  is an opportunity to have three (or four) of kings. A-A-J-T nullifies the force of the Kings in such way that with this hand there are many more combinations that will be favorites, if you make them.
If flop hits K-Q, then you will have open-ended straight and over pair. If he hits 7-8-9, you have a winning combination with the J-T. If flop hits 8-9, then you have a great open-ended straight and aces are also very strong. Practically every straight you can make with J-T and two aces, is winning, and also you can still form nuts flush in any of your suits. 
Plus, see what happens if the flop comes J-J-x or T-T-x. You have top set with a top kicker, who works for you (and over pair). And in most cases, when flop hits little pair, you have the opportunity to win the pot with aces. With flop like 7-7-2, for example, you can win with the sevens and aces. Consequently, many people believe,  that the hand number one in the limit, and in pot-limit Omaha is double-suited A-A-J-T. 
Knowledge of opponents
As in any other version of poker, playing in Omaha, you need to know the players at your table. Who will raise on bare aces before flop, unable to make a flush? Who will not? Who will raise, with only double-suited A-x-A-x? (And there are many such players). And who will raise only on double-suited A-K-Q-J?  You must know how player plays (his image and playing pattern).

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