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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Implied odds in Omaha poker

Implied odds is amount multiple of stake on the table that you are going to win, if flop has necessary cards, and your opponents will not read your cards and invest good money in pot. - In pot-limit Omaha, many combinations have higher implied odds than in limit Omaha.
Sometimes you will win giant pots, with hole cards, which are not considered good starting hands, if you play them in appropriate situations, playing with the right opponents. These cards can bring you a huge amount of money. In this regard, pot-limit Omaha is similar to no-limit Hold’em in terms of that if you have a youngest pair, with which you can continue the game by paying a little or making a small raise, then the implied odds of such hand, which you will not play if flop is not suitable for you, are huge.
Suppose you have a 9-8-7-6 or 8-7-6-5, but you know that your opponent has some high combination. You can call a small bet. You can also make a small raise before the flop on these cards. Remember that pot-limit game starts with a small pot, and the serious money will be on the table only after at least two rounds of betting.
In summary, I will say that you can call the minimum bet or a small raise, having four linked cards, which will not be the best hand at the moment. In fact, you are sure that your opponent, enough solid player, has high pair, and also you know that your cards are not connected with his hand. To see the cards on the flop, you do not need to sell part of your body, you can simply call a small bet or raise. Your opponent does not know for sure what cards you play, but you know all about him. Your hand has high implied odds.

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