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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Structure of stakes in Omaha poker

Omaha High is very dispersive game that's why it eats up a lot of money.
For example let's take the game in which the blinds are $ 25 - $ 50. According to the description game doesn't seem very big, but there are always decent amount of money in the pot.
If you raise 125$ and one player has called $ 125, and another has called $ 125, now the next player can call these $ 125 and make a raise up to $ 600. If all four make the call $ 600, the bank has $ 2400, and the next bet on the flop will be $ 2400. If there is game on the flop, and someone calls, then multiply that amount by three, and get $ 7200 in the pot on the flop. You understand how this game can tear you to pieces in terms of money.
Stakes in pot-limit Omaha increase in progression, but it's very interesting to play this game, and if you really want to play, in this kind of poker you will find people who will be in play with very strange combination. This is one of the reasons why pot-limit Omaha has more multi pots compared with pot-limit Hold em.
Pot-Limit Omaha is the best game to make money, but it is also very complicated.
Many players often run risks and lose more money then they planned to win. This is the biggest mistake of the most players.
When you win not much money, you stop to play. When you lose, you lose almost all your bankroll. In pot-limit Omaha, it is very easy.
That's why you should be disciplined, playing pot-limit Omaha. You do not have to lose absolutely all your bankroll in any poker game, be it Omaha or Hold'em, or something else, unless you do not play last money. The idea is to finish the game and play again another day, give yourself a chance. But there are players who are doing it again and again.
Many people think that if they once played badly, but returned their money back, they can do so every time.
Remember that one of the main quality of professional player is discipline.

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