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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Omaha poker. Introduction

Pot limit Omaha is the largest game today. With the equality of the blinds size of pot in this game is three four times bigger than pot in the pot-limit Hold'em. And usually in a casino pot-limit Omaha is also considered the biggest of all games. Blinds should be equal to about $ 15 - $ 30 or even $ 20 - $ 40 in Texas Hold'em, and $ 5 - $ 10 in Omaha, to fairly compare the size of the two games.
This is perhaps the most treacherous poker game from all games, but at the same time it provides the opportunity to earn good money. If you're lucky, and you catch good cards on the flop, and moreover play them correctly, then in Omaha you can win as much as you can not earn in any other game.
Pot-Limit Omaha - the only poker game in which you can fold formed on the flop nuts, and you will be right. Also in this game might be a situation when you make top set on the flop, and if board has two suited cards and two connectors, you can run big risks. But since it is the combination you should play further, you will continue, and in most cases, your hand will be "killed".

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