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Monday, May 3, 2010

Main principles of winning in Omaha poker. Final part

Going on tilt
For the player it is very easy to go on tilt when he has a row of bad beats. Anyone who has ever played poker went on tilt in any given moment. The idea is not to repeat your mistakes - if you have gone on tilt ten times, do not do it in eleventh.
For professionals the easiest thing in the world - is to play poker, get up and leave at some moment. You just should say: "Today is not my day, tomorrow will also be game" and leave.
You should always set a limit on amount of money you can lose. I know that some experts argue that regardless of whether you win or lose, you have to stay in the game if you play well, and if the game is prospective. But almost always you will have a play the next day.
Importance of mood
It does not matter what game you play, but when you sit down at a table, you must have a positive mood, and you should know that you can play well. Just make yourself to play great. If you have a desire to do something that, as you know, you should not do, listen to your instincts and leave the idea.
Our knowledge, our instincts, derived from many years of experience. Your first instinct will likely be true in most cases. But if you try to convince yourself that you have the best hand - think that opponent has combination that you will be able to beat - you - just a fool, and you don't have any chance to win in poker.
For example, on the flop - the king and ace, and you, two eights, and you think: "Well, he may have two sevens, so I call, and we'll see ...". If you think this way, you should better give up playing poker and look for a different profession.

Final remarks
Now, when we have talked about some basic principles of winning game in Omaha poker, we will tell you about some specific tips about how to win in Omaha. We will describe both the strategy in cash game and game tactics in tournaments.

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