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Monday, May 10, 2010

Size of bets in Omaha poker

How to determine the size of your bet in pot-limit Omaha? It is abundantly clear that you bet size of the pot, if you have a good hand. The concept of constructing the pot, used in pot-limit Hold'em, is not applicable for pot-limit Omaha, because pots banks in Omaha are formed automatically.
Frankly, nobody raises less than size of pot. You'll never see that in the bank is $ 500, and somebody bets $ 100. "In other words, you do not have to make a small bet, to win a big pot. But from time to time many bad players do this. Their small bet contains a hint. They show that they have a powerful combination, and they want you to call their bet. Inexperienced or weak player, who fears that he will not receive a call, can bet $ 100. But if you do the standard bet, rather than adhere to any complex system, your opponents will not know on what you play, comparing the size of your bet and the strength of your combination.
Remember, in pot-limit Omaha pot will always be large enough
Remember that pot-limit Omaha always form a sufficiently large bank. You do not need to build it before the flop - it will form itself. This game will pull money from you before you know it. You play, win four or five small pots $ 500 or $ 1000 each, so that now in front of you is $ 4000, but you can put down all $ 4000 in the pot before the flop in the next deal on a decent hand!

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