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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Starting Hands. Part 1

The best starting hands in Pot-Limit Omaha are:
1. Double-suited A-J-A-T and other high hands with aces and connectors;
2. A-A-K-K and other hands with aces and high pairs;
3. Hands with four-card connectors in which all four cards are linked;
4. A pair of aces without connectors (minimal bet);
5. A pair of kings without connectors (minimal bet).
 High pairs with connectors
Despite the fact that the computer program shows that the best starting hand is double-suited A-K-A-K, many professionals think that this is wrong. They think that the best starting hand is double-suited A-J-A-T. With A-K-A-K you can make only one straight and with A-J-A-T you can make several straights. 
If you have A-J-A-T, you also will be able to make the nuts flush. Such cards, however, do not come often, but if you have them in your hands, then with them you will have the opportunity to make a much more combinations than with A-K-A-K.

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